Lord Nelson and Lady Hamilton’s Merton Place

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Merton Place

In a very small clearing off of a dual carriageway in Merton, South London lies the only original remnants of the home of a national hero, Admiral Horatio Lord Nelson (1758-1805).

Nelson Gardens lies on what was once part of his vast 70 acre estate named Merton Place – a wonderful Georgian home to Nelson and Lady Emma Hamilton and their daughter Horatia, on and off between 1801-1805.

To Nelson it was ‘dear, dear Merton’ and to Emma ‘Paradise Merton’. Following his death at Trafalgar in October of 1805, Emma soon fell on hard times due to her extravagant lifestyle. She would die in Calais in 1815 destitute. The house was demolished and the land sold off by 1823. The cannons pictured here are believed to have originally sat on the lawn near to the original house.

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Lady Emma Hamilton

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Lord Horatio Nelson

Nelson Gardens is located behind the church of St John the Divine which was built in 1913. The church has its own connection to Nelson as the altar was made from timbers removed from HMS Victory.
A wonderful monument to a national hero – Nelson’s column in Trafalgar Square, London

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