Kimpton Fitzroy (part one) – more than just a luxury hotel


Formerly The Hotel Russell, the Grade II listed Kimpton Fitzroy was the brainchild of architect Charles Fitzroy Doll who based the terracotta exterior on the Parisian Chateau de Madrid. Built in 1898 it opened a mere two years later to great fanfare.

Guests were astounded by its grandeur and mod cons, something which hasn’t changed to this day, for as you climb the ornate steps and make your way into the lobby you are mesmerized by its opulence. From the lavish mosaic floor titling depicting the Zodiac, to the walls made of Perlato Sicilia and columns of Campan Vert marble, to the Pyrenean marble staircase which towers over you leading to a landing made of Belgian Black Marble, there is just so much to look at.

This 19th century hotel boasts 334 guest rooms, four dining and bars, with interior design by Tara Bernerd & Partners and Russell Sage Studio. Fitz’s bar is relaxed yet stylish and the service was also excellent, with an enviable list of cocktails to choose from. Our choice was the Vesca Negroni infused with coconut and rosehip.

There is so much more to discuss about this hotel, but the lock down unfortunately stopped us from completing our full reconnaissance, so stay tuned for part 2 when we have a chance to return, delving into more rooms, including the hotel’s sunken garden, and a restaurant modeled on that of the Titanic’s first class dining lounge, also desigfned by Charles Fitzroy Doll. Its been said many London passengers dined here before travelling on to meet the ship in Southampton.

Stay safe for now, London will reopen.






The first part of our visit took place before the current pandemic.

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